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Award Winning


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At The Local Butcher we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality meat in order to create the meals of their dreams!


We are proud to provide our customers with fantastic cuts of meat from suppliers such as Rangeland Quality Meats, Golden Cockerel and Jack's Creek


Only The Best Quality Meats


Grass Fed Beef

All cattle are raised out on natural pasture, in the paddock. Access to all they need water, feed, shade and shelter

Award Winning

Award winning beef that is MSA graded (Meat Standards Australia) for superior taste and tenderness every time

No Nasties

No hormones, no antibiotics 100% tracable just beef. We know where your beef comes from, right back to birth

Ethically Produced

We are always conscious of our footprint and of minimising our impact on the environment. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our environment.

Animal Welfare

 At The Local Butcher, we will only use farmers who treat the animals with respect and care. They are humanely treated, guaranteed.



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Angus Beef Porterhouse steaks from Japanese export quality supplier Jack's Creek.

Great Marbelling, makes for a great meal!

Per Kilogram


Pork Fillets

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'Butt end Tenderloin' 

Great for grilling, frying, stir fry, diced or even schnitzels! They have less fat than chicken breast!

Per Kilogram:



See In Store for Flavour Offerings

Our Sausages are all made in house

All of our varieties are Gluten Free, there's over 10 varieties to try



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