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"First it was the Queensland butchers. Now it's Queensland chefs. It seems both groups agree Tasmanian lamb is the best in the country. The consensus was reached after a contingent of 10 chefs devoted three days to the serious work of looking at, handling, and tasting Tasmanian lamb in its state of origin."


Head Honcho - Gary Stenzel - The Local Butcher

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"If you have had our Lamb rogan josh and thought this meat just melts in your mouth.
Then he is the man , Gary from The Local Butcher - Manly Harbour Village. 100% pure Tasmanian Lamb 

👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽" - Manly Deck Bar

"Quality meat delivered by even better quality people." - G.Addison

"Great produce. Regulars here. Love the friendly service from our Hawaiian clad butcher. Meat to travel for. Highly recommended them" - D.Clark

"Nice old fashioned service and the best steaks and roasts" - D. Antonievich


222 Stratton Terrace, Manly,

Queensland 4179


Tel: (07) 3396 2195

Mobile: 0423 007 303

Opening hours

Mon - Saturday 7:30am to 6pm

Sunday            7:30am to 2pm